Our Mission

Immigration Solutions for Businesses and Families

Whether your business needs help bringing foreign talent or you need to understand what options are available for a family member, the Law Office of Amy Lighter can help.


Our attorney and staff handle cases for permanent residence and U.S. citizenship, including extraordinary ability and National Interest Waiver green cards for academics, researchers, artists, and others.  We also help family and fiancees of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to keep their families together.


Each type of temporary visa is designated with a letter, and they include: 

  • A, career diplomats
  • B, temporary visitors for business and pleasure
  • F, students
  • G, international organization representatives
  • H, temporary workers
  • I, foreign media representatives
  • M, students in non-academic institutions
  • N, parents and children of special immigrants
  • O, aliens of extraordinary ability (academic, artistic, etc.)
  • P, entertainers and athletes
  • Q, cultural exchange program participants
  • R, religious workers; and
  • TN, for NAFTA professionals from Canada or Mexico.

We can help assess your situation against the requirements of each of these nonimmigrant (or temporary) visas to determine whether one of them is a good option for you.

Professional Evaluations

We believe no attorney-client relationship can thrive without great communication. That’s why our process begins with a comprehensive interview in which we evaluate our clients’ history and goals and begin to assess what approach we will need for their unique challenges.


Wherever possible, we offer flat fee billing and our unbundled service plan, which gives our clients flexibility to determine the course of their case and the power to control their costs.


We have worked with companies from small Silicon Valley startups to multinational corporations, and with families from six continents. We know where to find answers to tough questions, and we have the experience to get the job done.